Infringement of the rules

Customs defending of the CD Services You have violated customs or tax laws? There will sanction a violation, you not take consequences. We will help you in defending your rights. Consider the circumstances under which they occurred, which also assume a position and just how far you are willing to bear the sanctions that we threatened for violation of the customs and tax legislation. Offer you service representation in proceedings where in the application of administrative procedural measures and tools in well-defined terms and in relation to a body that is competent and appropriate decision on the matter. In this way it is possible to eliminate the threat of not only the financial implications, whether sanctioned, but the fact that you're in the records of entities that have committed breaches of customs and tax legislation. Contact us HERE.


Difference of the customs and the customs offense

§ 70 of the Customs Act

Customs delik t is any act or omission of a natural person entrepreneur or legal person who violated customs regulations in a manner according to § 72 field 1.

§ 71 of the Customs Act

Customs offense is caused by any act or omission of a natural person who violated customs regulations as described in § 72 field 1.

If you read carefully, the difference you noticed, the primary issue is who committed the infringement, will be considered as a secondary action of the person who violated the rules. Why bear the financial burden in the form of threatening sanctions if you can use his right to defend themselves effectively. We can effectively protect your interests and help you effectively before the financial regulatory authorities. Consequences of sanctions will be felt not only in terms of financial loss through future complications if you decide later to apply for authorization to use one of the procedures with economic impact, or permit the use of simplified procedures, or choose to receive AEO certificate. Remember that the financial report records all violations for several years and finally we repeated or serious violation of customs and tax legislation may complicate your situation. That is why it is in place considering the efficient use of available resources to defend your legal rights using all legal options to effectively protect your business. It is about your reputation and brand with which definitely nehazardujte. Just remember how long it took you to build your company, well known and successful brand, which can endanger.


§ 72 of the Customs Act

Customs law or customs offense is committed by a person who

  • illegally imported or exported goods
  • indicating incorrect data on goods subject to customs supervision,
  • cause he was placed under the false, forged or counterfeit documents or incorrect or false information,
  • fails to comply with the conditions laid down for goods
  • p repustený to customs suspensive procedure,
  • catered to discuss customs offense or customs offense, or storage,
  • illegally withdraw goods from customs supervision of such withdrawal or participate,
  • submitted false documents to the customs authorities of imported and exported goods or goods in transit
  • possesses goods that escaped customs surveillance
  • break seals
  • customs officer fails to stop or otherwise prevent him carrying out its activities,
  • fails to stop the customs authority
  • fulfill the reporting obligation under § 4. 2 or notification requirements in § 36b
  • to goods under customs supervision, breach of duty under a special regulation on protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein
  • otherwise violate customs regulations.


What penalties may be imposed for violation of customs regulations and customs offense?

§ 73 of the Customs Act

The customs office may impose a customs offense following penalties:

  • fine
  • forfeiture of goods or things.

§ 74 of the Customs Act

For violation of customs regulations can be by gravity customs regulations impose a fine of up to 99 581.75 , in the case of violation of customs regulations under § 72 field 1 point. o) to 331 939.18 . The penalty imposed for violation of customs regulations is due within 30 days from the date of the decision imposing the fine.

§ 80 of the Customs Act

Customs at the Customs Office may leap to impose the following sanctions

  • reprimand in the case of the offense under § 72 ods.1 point. l),
  • fine
  • forfeiture of goods or things.

For customs offense can the seriousness of breaches of customs regulations impose a fine of up to 3 319.39 , in respect of customs offense under § 72 ods.1 point. a) 33 to 193.91 . In order proceedings may be fined up to 1 659.69 . Block proceedings in the may be fined up to 331.93 .

§ 81 of the Customs Act

Fine imposed for a customs offense is due within 30 days from the date of the decision imposing the fine.



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