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Mgr. Jozef Vaško, em. chief customs inspector

Customs Specialist and Managing Director

Mail: jozef.vasko@cdservices.sk

Mobile:  +421 905 172872

He has university education, specialized training customs education, more than 28 years of experience in the field of with extensive experience and knowledge of practical application in the application of customs legislation, worked in a long specialized state management methodologies as a customs specialist with nationwide coverage for simplified procedures, economic modes, transit, introduction of SAD in Slovakia, and combined rail transport, the approval of seal and others. As a lecturer Customs Institute imparted during 11 years of working experience their younger colleagues. He later worked in the commercial sector. In. 2003 to mark the 80 th anniversary of the renewed activity of the Association customs officials in Slovakia, in the 2007 year he was awarded in Prague for developing federall activities silver medal, is currently President of the Association of Slovakia customs officersIn the 2008 year he was awarded honorary membership of the Association of Czech customs officers. He holds emeritus chief customs inspector (for short em. h.c.i.).


customs law, merchandise, lecturer, inland and border issues, economic regimes, simplified procedures for import, export and transit.


presentation and rhetoric, an experienced teacher, scholar and specialist in customs issues.


  • the preparation of the Slovak Republic to the European Union,
  • the work of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for cross-border cooperation,
  • the combined projects and rail transport within V4, UIC and OSJD,
  • methodology for preparing and guiding the customs,
  • the project: a modern resort KMŽP Košice,
  • as head writer and unique project "Koncepcia nácestných stredísk v Slovenskej republike"
  • Accession to the Agreement on a common transit procedure
  • the procedural part of the automation project transit (NCTS).



Bc. Igor Lebiedzik

Customs expert and Managing director

Mail: igor.lebiedzik@cdservices.sk

Mobile: +421 915 575258

He has university education, specialized customs education, 23 years of experience in the field. He has extensive and practical experience of dealing with challenging technical projects in the field of customs relating to inland and border issues. He worked on several long-term leadership positions in middle management specialist government. For his professional work has been honored several times (for outstanding merit and development of customs, holds a silver medal for perfect service).


Customs value, performance follow-ups, inland and border issues, merchandise, levying taxes and duties, prohibitions and restrictions, customs law.


lecture, presentation, specific expertise.


  • preparation and implementation of customs (border) crossings
  • preparation and work at customs (border) modes
  • cooperation in solving problems of inter-ministerial committees for cross-border cooperation
  • cooperation in the formation of the customs legislation
  • lecturing,
  • technical coordinator in the customs area at the entrance of the Slovak Republic to the EU
  • worked on several professional projects under the Customs (Agreement on a common transit procedure, the Commission for determining the customs value, etc.)..

Ing. Milan Sládek

Expert on excise tax and Managing director

Mail:  milan.sladek@cdservices.sk

Mobile: +421 915 575265

He has university education, specialized training duty, more than 21 years experience in the industry with extensive experience and knowledge of the practical application in the application of the customs and tax legislation. Act as coordinator, system operation and control practical solutions for the most complex problems and cases relating to customs and excise administration. He was awarded several times, in 2010, received an honorable mention from the Secretary-General of the World Customs Organisation.


customs legislation, legislation in excise taxes, customs administration and tax legislation in practice, work in middle and senior management


presentation, teaching, training, management and coordination, special customs and tax issues


  • preparation and implementation of the Slovak Republic to the European Union in the field of customs and taxation
  • work in national and international committees
  • management of the office
  • cooperation in the formation of the customs and tax legislation
  • conceptual and methodological work in the application of customs and tax regulations



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